Comprehensive Study and Project Preparation for the Rehabilitation of the Nubaria Canal ESIA:

Created at:2021-05-31

Prepared by:The Environmental and Climate changes Research Institute

Objective Enhance water delivery for all uses through lining of 11.5 km of the Canal with semi-impervious material. Identify important environmental impacts of the project. Propose mitigation plan. Alternatives assessment to reduce environmental damage to the project. Propose monitoring Plan. Methodology - Water quality investigation - Socio-economic investigation. - Studying the expected environmental impacts of the project. - Proposing mitigation plan. - Alternative assessment. - Holding public hearing and consultation hearing. Results & Recommendation - C3W is the best alternative - Establishment of canal committee. - Monitoring the groundwater level. - The byproduct should be used in paving. - Environmental audit should be carried out. - Pilot experiments should be carried out and assess the results.