Environmental Impact Assessment of Regulators Group of Dirout:

Created at:2021-06-03

Prepared by:The Environmental and Climate changes Research Institute

The project site is located 380 km south of the city of Cairo. Regulators Group of Dirout (RGD) was constructed 60 km downstream from the Ibrahimia Canal which was situated beside the Assuit Barrage. Several cracks have been observed on the bricks and stone on its body surface, lack of bricks is confirmed at the surface of the vent downstream from the gate, aprons of Bahr Yusef and Ibrahimia Regulators and locks, scouring in canal embankments due to the intensity of water flow. Then the fear of the vulnerability of strong earthquakes has been thinking in the construction of new regulators instead of the current one for rehabilitation. The project aims to assess EIA for constructing New Regulators Group of Dirout on Ibrahimia Canal according to the guidelines of Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA).