Environmental Impact Assessment for the Hydropower Plant of Assuit Barrage:

Created at:2021-06-03

Prepared by:The Environmental and Climate changes Research Institute

Assuit governorate, suffers from a lack of electricity consumption for lighting per capita (405kw/hr), relative to the level per capita on the republic (667kw/hr). Where one of the most important environmental issues resulting from electricity generation through non-friendly environmental methods in the governorate, that is the pollution of air, water, soil, vegetation, high water temperature and finally occupational health problems. So some of the project objectives are to ensure a safe source of power to the environment, produce yearly 240 GW/h with increase the living standards and create new fields of labor. The project aims to assess the environmental impacts for the construction of the hydropower plant. It also aims to recommend the corrective actions through proposing mitigation plans and to put a monitoring strategy