About ECRI:

The Environment and Climate changes Research Institute (ECRI) was established in 1994 to perform high level research on the impacts of both environment and climate changes on natural resources, in particular water resources. ECRI is one of the twelve Research institutes under the umbrella of the National Water Research Center – Ministry of Water Recourses and Irrigation.


- Evaluating the effects of climatic changes on the environmental and natural resources, especially water resources, and the impacts on water requirements of various sectors.
- To prepare of national strategies for adaptation with climatic changes.
- To study and evaluate the environmental impacts of water resources and development projects.
- To develop Effective strategies for optimal environmental management quantitative and qualitative management of water resources under climatic changes.
- To determine the environmental factors that obstruct the development projects, and to suggest appropriate policies and solutions.
- To cooperate with authorities and stakeholders to raise environmental awareness and to activate and enforce the practice of environmental laws and regulations.
- To provide scientific and technical consultation to policy and decision makers in various fields related to the environment, environmental impact assessment, water quality and climatic changes.