Environment and Climate changes Research Institute (ECRI) has a modern laboratory for real time weather monitoring and climate change assessment. The laboratory is highly equipped with high performance computers, software (weather forecasting, climate projection, climate change assessment, DSS…ets), and display and visualization equipment (video wall, large monitors, smart data show...etc). The laboratory has a set of forecasting models, like Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model in addition to other forecasting models, to forecast and assess weather and catastrophic events, up to 15 days forecasting. All forecasting models are run together to enhance the accuracy of results. Furthermore, the laboratory has the output results of 40 Global Climate Models (GCMs), using different climate scenarios. In addition, different Regional Climate Models (RCMs), like RegCM4 and PRECIS, are run in the laboratory for climate projection till 2100 in high accuracy. The laboratory has a modern climatic database from three main sources, first source is the real time monitoring from meteorological stations around the remote areas that is sensitive to climate change, second source is the telemetry system around Nile River and the main canals, and third source is the certified website data like WMO and CRU. Finally, the laboratory has a set of software using for different climate and environment studies. It has software and models for big data analysis and management like AQURIOUS, for analyzing air dispersion like PREEZE AERMOD/ISC, for analyzing the satellite images like TerrSet, for decision support system like The Decision Tools Suite Professional, and for predicting the change in sea level rise like SimCLIM MARINE.